Love Your Look

Treat yourself to a professional lash extension application in Tyler, TX

If you've been feeling overwhelmed, over-worked and stressed out, it's time to do something for you. Wouldn't it be nice to treat yourself to a brand-new set of professional lash extensions? The eyelash technicians at Crew Cuts in Tyler, TX would love to help you out!

We're known for installing beautiful eyelash extensions. Whether you prefer the natural look or old-fashioned Hollywood glamour, we'll hook you up.

Visit us today to see how much eyelash extensions can improve your look.

3 types of lash extension sets to choose from

When you visit us for a professional lash extension application, we'll give you three different options to choose from. You can decide between:

Classic-this style looks incredibly natural and gives you that little bit of extra oomph you're looking for
Hybrid-hybrid lashes are a mix of classic and volume lash sets, which makes them perfect for those who can't decide between the two
Volume-if you're all about adding volume to your lashes, you'll love our volume lash sets

Not sure which would be best for you? One of our eyelash technicians would be happy to help you decide. Call today to learn more.